Peter works as concept artist for Resolution Interactive, and works on titles such as Clusterball 2 and Sprint Madness. He is also lead artist for Toxidlabs, a new game company with the strategy game Righteous Battles in the production.

Peter Sällström was born in 1974 in Umeå, a small university town close to the Polar Circle, in Sweden. He has always been interested in drawing, sculpting and building stuff.

He spent one year in London, England, in 1996-97 for an art & design course at the Hammersmith & West London Collage. After the year in London, Peter attended the Institute of Design at Umeå University, Sweden, for three years. Were he got his Bachelor Degree in Product Design in 2000. Because of his interest in films and games he set out to pursue a career within that area.

In 2001 Peter attended Art Center Collage of Design in Pasadena, CA, USA, with a special student status, focusing on entertainment design.   

Peter also has experience working with film and architecture.